A Brief Memoir of sorts

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 It wasn't too long until we needed a drummer.  Dustin was at the forks, which is one of winnipeg's few tourist attractions, when he came upon a young drummer named Chrisjan Dugas, busking by the kiosks.  Although he was only playing some congas and misc. percussion, Dustin asked him if he'd be interested in joining our band.  Not auditioning, not jamming, but joining right then and there.  He didn't even ask Scott or myself - the self-appointed defacto band leaders.  Now Chrisjan was 6 year's younger than I was, and when you're in your 30's, that's just a number, but when you're 20, which I was, 14 is pretty much a little bratty puke face kid.  However Dustin's intuition was bang on and Chrisjan being the drum prodigy he was, was a perfect fit.  Leaderhouse was formed.

Scott Nolan
Dustin Leader
Matthew Budoloski
Chrisjan Dugas