Painting Poles

    I've always been fascinated with peoples'jobs. Never really having one, I was always amazed at what people would leverage their time for money.  One of our mutual friends(Miles) had a job painting all the light poles in the city. One of those jobs you never really think about or actually see being done but somehow it gets done and somebody has to do it.  The lyrics depict my version of what I thought the job would be like.  The solitude, the monotany, and the overall unappreciated effort that went completely unnoticed, and everybody took for granted.  In the chorus I sing, "it's too late for miles"  It was just one of those lyrics that fit syllabically and vowel wise, it had no literal reference to Miles, his job, his character or his potential in life.  He later confronted me and said that it wasn't too late for him, and that jobs do not define who you are.  I was absolutely floored and horrified that he had took the line literally, and to be honest who wouldn't have, really.  I apologized profusely to him, reiterating how it was "just a line" and meant nothing..        That was the moment I realized how deeply music can and does affect people. Whatever your intent while writing a song, the song itself takes on a different meaning to everyone who listen's to it.  Its actually a tremendous responsibility I never took lightly again.  My favorite part of this song was playing it live and watching Dusty rip the roof off the joint with his solo at the end, and yes Miles, you were 100% right, job's do not define who you are.

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